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AANP 2011 CE credits

I had to post this somewhere and I thought, why not my brand new website.  Its not much of an article, but maybe an interesting read for those interested in Naturopathy and the convention.  Contrary to possible popular believe, there … Continue reading

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Healthy Mayonnaise? Healthy Fats?

Healthy Home-made Mayonnaise, posted with vodpod Video beginner power!  note: I say pasture raised eggs not Pasteurized eggs, also, I know I repeat myself and am quite slow, but hey, first try without editing, not so bad, and now I … Continue reading

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GMOs Proven Dangerous We are confused as a nation about the risks and benefits of genetically modified foods.  Are they safe? Are they beneficial?  If so, why have so many other countries banned them, including many European countries? Jeffrey M. Smith, leading … Continue reading

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Homeopathy Studies

Homeopathy consists of medicines which are diagnosed based on a very specific symptom picture matched to substances (plant, mineral, etc.) which cause the same condition (physically/mentally/emotionally) in a healthy person.  These medicines are often given in amounts so small that … Continue reading

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The “Fresh” documentary is an encouraging expose about food production.  The movie is quite entertaining and inspiring, I encourage you to watch it.  Some primary points that the movie makes very well: 1) industrial food production is less sustainable–literally less … Continue reading

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