Healthy Mayonnaise? Healthy Fats?

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Video beginner power!  note: I say pasture raised eggs not Pasteurized eggs, also, I know I repeat myself and am quite slow, but hey, first try without editing, not so bad, and now I know it takes about 5 minutes for me to make mayo.

Its true!  You have to make it yourself though. No commercial mayonnaise products have fully met my criteria thus far to be deemed healthy sans reservations.

Approximated ingredients: 2 free range eggs, mostly yolk, 1 tablespoon stone-ground mustard with apple cider vinegar, 1 splash/1/2 teaspoon of braggs raw apple cider vinegar &/or lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt, ~3/4ths of a cup of extra virgin olive oil and any other dry herb you’d like to add in.

I mix everything but the oil then add the oil slowly or with a stick blender.

Again some important health aspects are: the eggs, free range eggs are higher in health-giving nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and natural vitamin A and they are happy, which helps with the morality of the issue.  From a beyond-our-time standpoint, chickens without stress likely have nutrients in their eggs which we don’t even know about at this point, the knowledge of what makes true health is low from a scientific standpoint in that all we really know is what we needwhich we can’t make ourselves, we have little idea what little bits and pieces might be essential for health even if they aren’t technically vitamins.  So, the fact that these chickens are happy and eating their natural diet outdoors is a great thing, the benefits of which our nutrition science isn’t quite advanced enough to completely grasp.

We are, however, able to know about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.  The monounsaturates have been found to be a “healthy fat” for some time now.  Additionally, when one can find truly cold-pressed, non-chemically treated oils, we have all of the nutrients inherent in the natural oil without molecular damage or toxins.

The raw apple cider vinegar is a well known folk remedy for most everything, webMD isn’t quite as excited about it as the rest of us, but then again, very few studies ever assess use of a food over an extended period of time.  Also, I think that the risks mentioned are more theoretical and incidental and provide unnecessary discouragement from moderate use.  Anyway, good to give all relevant sides of an issue.  If you type in “Bragg” to google you’ll find a much more positive viewpoint I’m sure.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t go back and mention, the evidence linking total fat intake and even saturated fat intake to health is riddled with methodological issues and many studies coming up inconclusive or in favor of high fat diets.  Trans fats are the only fats truly proven to be dangerous.  If you eat the saturated fat in the twinkie or the industrial steak, it might likely make you sick, if you eat the same saturated fat from coconut oil or a healthy naturally-living animal, I think you’ll be just fine.  I do have some research on this stuff if someone wants me to stir it up, but some of these points are made best as common sense mixed with a broad knowledge of the available research.

If you’d like more information: on healthy fatty diets, check out Sally Fallon’s  Nourishing Traditions and

For some information on fats and healthy oil processing, check out Udo Erasmus’s Fats that heal, fats that kill.

For some more info on mayo, check out Alton Brown’s Mayo Clinic and this guy’s video about making mayo with a stick blender.


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