AANP 2011 CE credits

I had to post this somewhere and I thought, why not my brand new website.  Its not much of an article, but maybe an interesting read for those interested in Naturopathy and the convention.  Contrary to possible popular believe, there is a strong focus on presenting research in our conventions.  Lots of great information here.–much of which I have notes on–some of which I’ll write about later for this website!  Also, many talks didn’t give CE credit, so some of the best talks aren’t listed here.

Continuing Education Course Attendance for Michael Dunbar

How to use Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) in clinical practice: 1 credit

General Session: Feasibility to Implementation: Development of an Integrative Cancer Care and Research Centre: 1 credit

The Structural Functionality of the Foot: 1.25 credit

General Session: Achieving Wellness ‚A Hierarchy of What is Important: 1.5credit

General Session: Controversies in Nutrition: 1.5 credit

Treating People with Cancer 1: Basic Advice and Information: 1.5 credit

General Session: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Modified Foods‚ Overwhelming Evidence of Harm: 1.5 credit

General Session: Composing Effective Homeopathic Care: 25 years of refining practice and teaching what we know 1.5credit: 1.5 credit

Twelve Useful Prescriptions: 1.5RX

Homeopathic Research & Treatment of ADHD: 1RX credit

Treating pregnant women from the 1st trimester to delivery: clinical pearls based on the best scientific evidence available in 2011: 1RX or OB credit


About Central Coast Integrative Medicine

Dr Dunbar is a Naturopathic doctor and massage therapist
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