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Sleep Hygiene

Sleep issues are very common.  Here are some simple ideas/strategies that can help. Sleep cycle regulation is not yet fully understood.  My -admittedly simple- understanding so far, and a great way to talk about sleep cycles, is in terms of … Continue reading

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Healthy Lifestyle = Lazy Lifestyle?

Being a (self-proclaimed) healthy bachelor and student, I believe I automatically have some of the accreditation associated with this article, originally titled “lifestyle for the lazy”. The basic idea for this article is that a great majority of lifestyle change advice I … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Shiatsu As part of a series of talks on healing by NCNM, I will be speaking at the Japanese gardens on Feb 28th, 2012 about “The Benefits of Shiatsu”.  I didn’t choose this title exactly, I had a hot moment … Continue reading

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