The Benefits of Shiatsu

As part of a series of talks on healing by NCNM, I will be speaking at the Japanese gardens on Feb 28th, 2012 about “The Benefits of Shiatsu”.  I didn’t choose this title exactly, I had a hot moment for input and said “sounds good”.  So, spoiler alert, if you want to go see said talk, this is exactly what I’ll be talking about because I’m sort-of drafting a speech here.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that focuses on the same meridians used in acupuncture.  During a full Shiatsu treatment, nearly every major acupuncture point in the body is stimulated.  This means that the treatment might be called a chi tonic as the treatment can help a patient move chi in whichever channel in the body that is stuck.  This fact means that diagnostics are less essential in Shiatsu than in acupuncture where only certain channels are to be stimulated.

The practitioner must instead focus his energy on approaching each press correctly.  The well-trained Shiatsu practitioner is looking to apply the right speed, depth, and quality of press based on immediate feedback from his senses.

We thus have a set meridian-based pattern of movement throughout the body coupled with continuous sensing/intuitive modification of presses throughout the massage.  This combination ensures physical relaxation and release of muscle tension, as well as, possible energetic/emotional movement via the channels.

Shaking, pressing, percussions (light hitting), and stretching patterns are all constructed as to allow the channels to best move stuck chi.  These patterns happen to simultaneously provide an exceptionally pleasurable massage.

^All of that is probably more than I will say in person, with Q&A and a short demonstration, the hour will be over before I can say “stage fright” 😉


About Central Coast Integrative Medicine

Dr Dunbar is a Naturopathic doctor and massage therapist
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