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About Central Coast Integrative Medicine

Dr Dunbar is a Naturopathic doctor and massage therapist

Services and Scheduling

At Central Coast Integrative Medicine, we bring the doctor to you.  Naturopathic Doctor and Massage therapist (#69933), Michael Dunbar is currently serving San Luis Obispo county, CA. To schedule or get more information on a home visit for Naturopathic medicine or … Continue reading

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My kitchen inventory

I cataloged my kitchen! Sounds fun right? Take a look: Google Drive While I was in medical school, I needed everything outside of school to be easy, I had no patience at all left for cooking, but now that I’m … Continue reading

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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

I recently had a friend ask me to write a blog post about my perspective on diet.   My perspective on diet is found throughout various posts in this blog, but I haven’t really put it all together yet, so … Continue reading

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Reflections About Natural Medicine School

This article is likely only useful to someone considering natural medicine school or very interested in it. I’m about to be halfway through my 6-year program in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine.  This seems like a good point for some general … Continue reading

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Homeopathy Research and a Lovely Tang-rant

Wow–just found this article, better than mine, so if you have to choose one, read the one linked above, not mine. This is a much needed expansion of my previous article, Homeopathy Studies.  The expansion comes due to wonderful news. … Continue reading

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Psychotherapy Book Review/Comments

I just finished reading Transformative Relationhips: the control-mastery theory of psychotherapy by George Silberschatz. First, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in therapy or psychology, or has feelings and thoughts.  I believe it’s given me a much better understanding … Continue reading

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Sleep Hygiene

Sleep issues are very common.  Here are some simple ideas/strategies that can help. Sleep cycle regulation is not yet fully understood.  My -admittedly simple- understanding so far, and a great way to talk about sleep cycles, is in terms of … Continue reading

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