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My kitchen inventory

I cataloged my kitchen! Sounds fun right? Take a look: Google Drive While I was in medical school, I needed everything outside of school to be easy, I had no patience at all left for cooking, but now that I’m … Continue reading

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My Weird Path To Food Freedom – And The Nutritional Bottom Line

This holiday season I notice myself saying no to anything I’m not hungry for, from the last piece of bacon slid under my nose by grama, to chips during and pie after lunch.  I’d eat these things if I were … Continue reading

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Fats and fat research–Part 3?

Here is: Part 2, Part 1, and the introductory mayonnaise post. My apologies for the overlap/redundancy between these articles. I’m sure someday I’ll become or hire a professional to awesome-ify all of this, until then, enjoy part 3-ish of my series … Continue reading

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Fats — The Research (Part 2)

we found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least, and were the most physically active. With a comment and a like, the fats article is rapidly becoming … Continue reading

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Fats (Part 1)

I’d like to share some of my views about healthy and unhealthy fats.  I do have some resources which I intend to add in later, or possibly in another article. Fats, and especially saturated fats, have been deemed unhealthy for … Continue reading

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Healthy Mayonnaise? Healthy Fats?

Healthy Home-made Mayonnaise, posted with vodpod Video beginner power!  note: I say pasture raised eggs not Pasteurized eggs, also, I know I repeat myself and am quite slow, but hey, first try without editing, not so bad, and now I … Continue reading

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GMOs Proven Dangerous We are confused as a nation about the risks and benefits of genetically modified foods.  Are they safe? Are they beneficial?  If so, why have so many other countries banned them, including many European countries? Jeffrey M. Smith, leading … Continue reading

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